Here are three posts I came across recently and found interesting and worth sharing. Strangely, two of these posts have a theme, a word that all sales people and business owners do not like: the dreaded word “No”…

1- “The answer to this question will make your sales skyrocket”. This is a very interesting article about a very simple question that can be asked to improve a sales process. You can find all details here but, in short, the question is: “What made you nearly say: No”. This question asked to actual customers is powerful in helping to understand what they went through during the process, what made them nearly walk away and, consequently, find what need to improve to avoid it. You could even think of it as a sort of NPS, Net Promoter Score or an NBS, Nearly-not Buyer Survey

2- “Are we rushing to a no”? I’ve mentioned before that interacting with prospects requires a fair understanding of some of the pre-conceptions these prospects have, amongst others that they fears to be manipulated. And, as a consequence, if we are not taking this into consideration, if we do not have a process to understand the prospect issues, ask the right questions, work out what he or she has tried before to fix the issues, the impact on not fixing the issue, the impact on the organisation they work for and the real impact for them, well, we might rush to a no. This post and the video from Brian Burns has a lot of good thoughts (even if the visuals to support what Brian says aren’t best ;) )

3- Last but not least, this is an article that presents a simple yet interesting categorisation of the various stages a growing organisations goes through and what sales need to focus on for each stage. I have been in organisations in all these various stages but never categorised them this way. It’s an interesting framework for people operating in the start-up field and considering bringing on a team member dedicated to sales.