Here is a brief round of interesting posts I have read, found particularly good and thought they were worth sharing.

First of all, a post from David Brock about the companies that believe they have a sales process but, actually, simply don’t. What I like beyond David rather dry sense of humour (notably on things like “gurus” in Linkedin), is the probing of companies that believe they have a process when, actually, it is not being followed or need some updating. The post is here.

Secondly, a post on sales training and who should pay for it. Normally, companies pay for training. Well, at least when there is training involved in a company, that is the more or less the established way. The employee is not the one that pays. But shouldn’t the employee actually invest in himself? I certainly did and didn’t regret it. Head over here for an interesting view point.

Finally, a great article about the most often used objection of “your price is too high”. The subject has been researched and, I believe, something like 60% of the time pricing is just an barrier put up by the buyer. Some great advice in this post on how to tackle the question. Whilst I don’t exactly agree on the first point made by the author, all the other points are very good, particularly the advice to qualify the “too high” comment (never take a statement for a question) or the question to ask to the prospect: “so is pricing your only consideration?”. So if you’ve ever heard the “price is too high” objection, you may want to read this post.

Have you read some good posts? If so, do share, I’d be keen to hear about them.

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