I call these posts “weekly round up” though, looking at when I posted a similar one previously, I should call it “yearly round up”. But anyway, I did come across two very interesting articles and one worth mentioning. One about pricing, one about budget and a last one doing some semantic analysis on sales calls.

The article about pricing presents the perspective of a pricing expert, Madhavan Ramanujam. Its core thesis is that companies should build product around a price, not around features. Whilst the article might be more applicable to companies building large scale consumer products (eg: cars) rather than, say, software companie, I have found it quite interesting. It is indeed possible to lead a sales engagement from a price point of view and then build around the offering that suits the price (something more suited for a service offering rather than a product offering admittedly). An interesting article with real world example worth reading.

The second article is from Tomasz Tunguz and presents the three possible “pockets” where a budget for a product can be coming from. Short and very useful article. And also brings another question to ask a prospective buyer.

I am a little bit dubious about the third article. It is a little bit of a plug for a company but I found the approach interesting nonetheless. A company that essentially allows calls for sales rep to be recorded and analysed, looked at 25,000+ sales calls and looked at what could be derived from it. Unsurprisingly, when they looked at the “talk to listen ratio”, they worked out that the more B2B sales people listen, the more efficient they are. Not ground breaking but good to read data about what empirical evidence tells. They also looked at the amount of time pricing was being discussed and worked out the ideal number to bring up the topic. If one can set aside the fact that the article builds towards an ad for this recording company, there are a couple of more interesting insights.