Is rapportive not working? Since 25 October 2017, it seems it has stopped displaying the useful social card on the side of Chrome. It is well know that Rapportive is a useful as part of a sales stack. My first assumption was that the culprit would be Linkedin. I assumed they had cut the API between GMail and their social data. However, after digging into it, it would seem the culprit is Google rather than Linkedin.

UPDATE: There is a conflict between CSP and the YesWare. The YesWare extension needs to be switched off to enable the CSP plug in to work – and hence Rapportive. Seems this is a slightly erratic behaviour.

UPDATE 2: So, I can confirm that the only plug-in needed for rapportive to work is the first one mentioned below. Streak do fix the issue also but is not the simplest way (one has to actually go into Streak to see the social card). Turning off YesWare plugin and enabling the CSP plug in mentioned below suffice!

Is there a way to fix the issue?

Indeed, if Rapportive is important, here is a work around to make it work. It is a rather weird behaviour so what works for me might not work for you but here goes:

1- Download the download content security here: . There is actually no need to have it actually working / on. But after a few trial and error, it seems it need to be installed.

2- Download the streak add-on for gmail (streak is a CRM built on Google suite).


Reload Gmail and Rapportive should work again.

I have tried then to create an opportunity in Streak and Rapportive worked again with or without the CSP plug-in. Though that was rather erratic. Then after much to and fro, I simply have left these two plugin. Created a new mail and Rapportive plain works.

I am seriously baffled as per why this work. But the crux is that Rapportive works again for me. It could simply be a matter of Google having fixed the issue on their side at this exact moment?

If you find another way to make Rapportive work that does not involve these two plug ins, keen to hear about it!


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