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These little ones need nurturing to hatch. Just like sales leads!

It was Monday morning. I had a rather busy weekend, ferrying kids around to all their activities (music, football, squash), managed the rugby tournament of the age section I coach and many other weekend errands. And I was suffering from Monday morning blues. I was taking a new tech company to market so a substantial portion of my time was invested in prospecting. Looking through the list of prospects I engaged with in the past few months, I was annoyed to realise there was a lot of companies we dealt with but didn’t keep in touch with. There wasn’t a marketing automation in place (yet). And as timing is key in sales, I wished I’d knew which ones had engaged with my content since our last conversation so to know which one I could go back to. For a lot of these companies, what we did made sense but it wasn’t part of their priority when we first talked.  As always, timing was part of the essence…

You might have never been in this situation. But if you have, you know as much as I do that nurturing leads is something hugely useful. There are different ways to do so. More often than not, I produce content and share it online. It is one way to nurture. So my prospects are exposed to my company’s content. Marketing automation is no doubt also a way to address this. I am not a specialist of the different platforms but the good platforms come with some issues, notably cost that can make them out of reach for young companies. A more manual process is described in this Nurturing process by SalesLoft. But still, one need to track if / when the prospect engages with the content.

I recently came across one interesting company that is all about this, tracking lead nurturing. RocketBolt. It essentially tracks when prospects you’ve engaged with are reading some of your content.The service is at an early stage but the guys at RocketBolt have been kind enough to let me see it work. Here is my take.

How it works: Quite simply by tying up your site to the visit of those people you have interacted with and who, following that interaction, have visited your site. A prospect could have clicked on an email signature, downloaded a free resource or from a mailshot.

What is tracked?: At this stage, only the content in the main domain is tracked. I understand from Andy that it will also be possible to track engagement with content on social sites. Should that be the case, it would certainly be useful.

Lead nurturing, lead, rocketboltLead alerts: When visitors click on a link sent, an alert is sent via email. So one can now what proved of interest before visiting a prospect.

Nurturing leads; leads; lead management; rocketboltDashboard: RocketBolt’s dashboard gives the ability to filter the leads that engage by the type of entry point to the content they engaged with. The activity feed is also interesting, quite visual.

GMail plugin: RocketBolt has also a plugin to add to Gmail. If you are using the like of YesWare, it’s similar. The only downside is that sending to multiple recipient turns the tracking off. Makes sense from a tech point of view as one snippet for multiple parties could clash but I feel there could be ways to address this.

Who is it for?: I don’t think RocketBolt would be relevant to companies selling widget in a very transactional way. However, for companies that have a more involved sales process AND for those companies that produce content to educate and keep their prospect / community engaged, RocketBolt could really add value. Some of the functionalities of RocketBolt are probably embedded in fully fledged marketing automation (again, not one of my forte so I might be wrong). But nonetheless, there is space for RocketBolt.

Verdict: RocketBolt is very much an early stage company and the solution is also being further developed. But it addresses a real pain I suffered from. To nurture lead and understand what they care about is absolutely fundamental. So when the tracking of social domains of a company will be activated, I think it will be even more useful. Clearly, for companies that don’t produce content, it won’t be as useful as for those pumping content out. But who doesn’t produce content these days :)?

What about you? How do you nurture leads? Any other ways to avoid the Monday morning blues when prospecting?



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